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    The current #1 song on Canadian iTunes from taylorswift


    it’s the ocean so beautiful


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  • Taylor Swift, Esquire magazine November 2014
  • "I would date someone, figure out we weren’t compatible or figure out we didn’t work out, and then we’d break up. That seems like a very normal thing for a young 20-something to do, and that is my biggest scandal."
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    Brick walls and sweaters.


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    you had one job rolling stone

    1984 with the new smash hit “Welcome to LA”

    and her hit single “Shake it Up”

    and the new song “Into the forest”

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    whoa! i'm surprised by the taylor swift opinion. could you go more in depth as to why you think that? i'm curious to know. (if you aren't comfortable with explaining, you totally don't have to)



    no it’s totally fine!

    before anyone comes into my ask box calling me fake i’ve seen taylor swift three times in concert because, generally, i enjoy her songs (though i am not impressed by her new album so far). okay anyway.

    here are the positives: taylor pretty much self-manages. she’s incredibly smart, business savvy, and she pays attention to the fandom and industry trends around her. she makes money! and she’s really good at it!

    what i don’t like is that she capitalizes on her fans’ ideals to create a hit song/record/whatever. for example, as of right now she’s really into feminism and being independent and celebrating womanhood which like, is great yk she probably is “learning” and “growing up” to some extent but if you look at what she’s actually DONE instead of just listening to her talk about it in interviews i really don’t see any progression in her behavior. so she calls out amy and tina for putting other women down right? great. but then why is she still making a song that focuses on her “feud” with katy perry???? what happened to her “not wanting to put other women down?” she wants to leave boys behind? awesome! but wait, why are there like five songs for haylor on the album? they “”“”“dated”“”“” for like three months, two years ago. like, it should have been /let go/.

    she also has made it a point recently to say that calling her out for writing about exes is “sexist.” this i don’t understand either because, if im speaking in terms of the examples SHE USED, ed sheeran DID get a lot of flack for “don’t” (if i remember correctly, people compared him to taylor swift herself) and bruno mars is always pretty vague when it comes to his lyrics although I know he’s been referred to as misogynistic. so like?? taylor, please get better examples because i’m lost as to what point you’re making here.

    ALSO i think it’s important to point out that it’s FINE(!!!) to talk about exes and past lovers in songs, like, that’s what most music is based off of. what’s NOT fine is when taylor whines about how people draw these connections in her music and subsequently call her out for being fake as hell when, if you listen to her songs, there are VERY SPECIFIC easter eggs (and clues in her ACTUAL lyric books) that are MOST DEFINITELY written in the songs so fans can speculate on her previous relationships. and yk like i get it!!! this is her thing, her schtick. she dates people for the papers and both parties get publicity; she gets a song out of it, her boyfriend of the season gets talked about for the next five years, and they both make money. that is all fine and dandy and i am a-okay with how the industry works. what i don’t like is how she just doesn’t own up to it. literally, i would like her so much more if she just said, “yes i write about all my relationships and I make it very obvious. my life is an open book and fans appreciate it.”

    on that note i would also like her to personally thank harry for her “successful” image change. if you don’t think haylor wasn’t a completely calculated move in order to make her image more independent and “grown up” then i don’t know what to say to you. also out of the woods 100% uses her weird manipulative psychology methods to simultaneously make herself the victim (as per usual) while also making it seem like she’s taking the high road. 

    IN SUMMARY, taylor’s songs and experiences don’t come from a genuine place because she is not a genuine person. this is a game to make money and she’s winning.

    This started out well and went downhill. Since you’ve expressed your opinions here I feel the need to do the same in defence of Taylor. So here goes:

    1. You mentioned that you haven’t really seen Taylor doing any ‘growing up’ or gaining ‘independence’. I personally think that is totally absurd. She, as a young woman, is at an era in her life where she is focusing entirely on herself and being happy. She doesn’t feel as if she can have a relationship right now because of the media so is instead focusing on her own happiness. To act on this, she has done things like moving to New York (something she has wanted to do for years and her happiness about the whole thing is reflected in her newest song) and has put extra importance on her friendships with girls such as Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham and Selena Gomez. 

    2. As for not doing anything on feminism I’m not sure what you expect her to do? Tie herself to a goverment building and spraypaint feminist slogans? Instead her talking about it in interviews and calling people out on it gets the message across to a huge audience of young girls who may not have known what the concept was before. 

    3. Putting Katy Perry down? Has she once mentioned Katy Perry? No. She simply talks about an artist who stole her dancers in the middle of a huge tour which left her basically stranded. Not once has she pointed the finger at Katy Perry. That’s all speculation from fans and the media. Also something you need to understand is that Taylor writes songs like a diary - if something upsets her it’s her natural instinct as an artist to create something to help her deal with her emotions. To be honest only the people who’ve been to the secret sessions have heard the song so can we even judge it without actually hearing it?

    4. How do you know that there are five songs about Haylor? The only one we know about is Out of the Woods and that’s more of a reminiscent song. It doesn’t slam Harry in any way and in fact is quite generally positive about there relationship with the negative aspect being brought in by the media. And about the fact the dated two years ago, Taylor hasn’t released an album since (or during) the time where they dated. How do we know this wasn’t written back in 2013 and she really liked it and thought it sounded good on the album?

    5. Next talking about the sexism. True Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars get a little bit of criticism but nowhere near the extent Taylor gets it. Every time she goes out someone comments on the length of her skirt/shorts and there are countless articles about who she’s dating. I think you’ll agree there are a lot less regarding other male artists.

    6. She includes details in her songs because those are the details in the relationship that were important and really stood out to her. As I said before her songwriting is like a diary and if she censored her songs and wiped them of any detail before she released them I guarantee they wouldn’t be as good. The honesty in her lyrics is unique and that’s why people like them. 

    7. As for the secret messages in the lyric booklets they are only ever a couple of words which would be insignificant if thousands upon thousands of articles weren’t thrust upon us explaining every single little detail of her relationships (PLUS pictures!!!). I think the fact we’re able to decode them says more about the media’s coverage of her than it does about her as a person.

    8. She. Doesn’t. Date. People. For. Publicity. At her level of fame she doesn’t need that type of ‘sleep to the top’ publicity and if she did wouldn’t she be onto her next ‘fake boyfriend’ by now? I’m sorry but wouldn’t any good publicist be able to predict the chaos Haylor caused? I mean, she already had a bad reputation and it’s not rocket science to see that a relationship with a celebrity many young opinionated girls fantasize about wasn’t going to go down well. So why would she do it for publicity if it was only going to damage her image?

    9. Taylor HAS talked about how her songwriting is like an open book on her relationships! She’s said it’s a chance to catch her fans up on what’s happened on the past two years and has also compared her songs to a ‘figurative diary’ (this suggests that they contain details about her relationships thus making it ‘obvious’).

    10. Haylor making her appear more independent and grown up? What. All Haylor did for her was get her hate from one direction fans and then the media and then afterwards the general public. Her two year relationship-free period and new found independence/feminist outlook has done more for her image change than haylor ever did.

    11. Out of the Woods does not make her look like a victim. It makes the relationship look like the victim of the media. She reminisces about the good times of their relationship but then talks about how the media and all the public attention made the relationship practically impossible. One line that shows this is ‘we were built to fall apart’ it talks about how the relationship was impossible because of outside forces they couldn’t control. The only bit that’s slightly negative is the part about their skiing accident. Even then she clearly doesn’t blame him and it’s used more as a technique to build up to the part where everything falls apart and to change the pace of the song. The song as a whole is a very grown up way of looking at the end of the relationship and does not put the blame or victim role on either party involved. 

    12. I’m not even going to waste energy replying to the part about her not being a genuine person. That is a cruel way to insult anybody and in my opinion completely unjustified and uncalled for.

    As I said before I understand that your justified to your own opinions but these are mine and I felt compelled to share them.

    Thank you for reading and I’ll be interested to read any replies you have to any of my points :)

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    taylorswift should do a q&a with tumblr fans so we can get answers to things like “what are your favorite books”, “what’s your favorite cereal”, “what’s your favorite emoji”, etc instead of those super basic questions that always get asked when she does q&a sessions like “WHY IS 13 YOUR LUCKY NUMBER”

    petition to make this q&a happen

    taylorswift can we pleaseeee?


    taylorswift Can we do this?!

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    hey taylor i honestly think you should buy this dress here’s the link



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  • Taylor was that the cat robe you were talking about in that interview?